Herbert Gast also kown as 'Albert' was a German farmer from Silesia, enrolled in the army in WWII to fight in France, taken prisoner, starved for a month and then liberated.

After the war, the part of Silesia he was from became Soviet and his farm burnt. He could never go back to his homeland. My grand-father recruited him to work on the farm and he spent around 40 years at our place, North of France.

Albert was an extraordinary person. He spoke French with a mix of local accent and German pronunciation. He was clever to have self-made most of his tools and was proud of them. He became an icon in our village and was unanimously respected for his simplicity, capacity of hard work and joie de vivre.

In our modern world, his way of life could appear from another time to some people, like a relic of the past. For others which I am part of, his self-sufficiency, his recycling talent and his knowledge of nature appear as ultra-modern and I hope avant-gardist.


Albert booklet (2013)
21 x 14,8 cm (A5)
28 pages (stapled)
Craft soft cover
Empty tracing paper after cover
120 gsm mat paper
Digital printing (HP Indigo)

Albert photos were shot in 2007.
Booklet design and booklet photos by Glops.

I decided to print this booklet to share it with its relatives after Albert passed away. I then realized photography was a also a tool to document the passing of time...