"I was born left-handed and grew up on a farm in Guesnain, a village of Northern France.

I got interested early in understanding what I heard on the news. When graduating with a Master in Economics, photography revealed itself a more suitable tool for me to understand the world. I decided to settle down in Shanghai as a photographer in 2005, despite me knowing not much about China and its language and actually knowing not so much more about photography...

My discovery of photography happened without a camera, spending my teenage afternoons in a darkroom playing with the family negatives, creating rayograms and other amusing experimentation. It is only when my mother gave me a camera at 20 before I left to India that I started actually shooting. Since then photography keeps occupying a larger and larger space in my life.

Photography is not still. It is a thing moving between a means to express inner feelings, a tool to document the passing of time and a passport to explore new worlds."
Eric Leleu


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 - Chez Françoise - Café "Chez Françoise" (France)

2015 - Light & blossom - Art Labor Gallery Shanghai (China)

2014 - Subtitles - Art Labor Gallery Shanghai (China)

2009 - Instants Décisifs - Art Labor Gallery Shanghai (China)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 - "Photo Shanghai" Fair (China)

2013 - Yan Huang Museum in Beijing (China)

2013 - Les Boutographies festival in Montpellier (France)

2010 - Art Labor Gallery in Shanghai (China)

2010 - Beijing Caochangdi festival (China)

2010 - Les Photaumnales festival in Beauvais (France)

2010 - Rencontres d'Arles festival (France)

2007 - Lianzhou festival (China)

2007 - Angkor festival (Cambodia)



2016 - Finalist - Les Rencontres d'Arles Prix Portfolio Review (France) - Subtitles

2016 - Finalist - Bourse du Talent Portrait (France) - Chez Françoise


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Shanghai, November 2015 (photo by Glops)

Shanghai, November 2015 (photo by Glops)